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Shipping Information

Delivery methods and shipping expenses:

– Personal Pickup: Free of charge

– Delivery (GML) with bank transfer in advance: 1080 HUF

– Cash on delivery (GML): 1270 HUF

Delivery time:

– 7 working days for national delivery
– 10 working days for international delivery within the EU

Pay Attention! Because of holiday, if you order between 26th of july 2016 and 7th of august 2016, then we will ship your order after the 8th of august. In the meanwhile Play and Win with us on facebook! Namaste!

Inside Hungary we offer Free delivery for 5 products (Tees) or more!

Personal pick-up point:
Almássy square 8., 1077 Budapest, Hungary (entrance from the Tivadar street !)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: approx. 11:00 to 19:00 Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Home delivery is carried out in all cases by Great Magnet Logistic Ltd. Orders are delivered within 7 working days from the date of processing of orders in Hungary, 10 working days within the EU. Deliveries will take place on weekdays from 8:00 – 17:00, notification will be sent about timing. Weekend deliveries are not available. Delays may occur if additional communication is needed in connection with the order between the webshop of Tündérbox Ltd. and its customer (false or incomplete information, etc). In the case of unclaimed packages or returned packages due to unknown address the return shipping fee is automatically charged to the customer. In this case the package will only be  resent after the payment of the additional shipping costs and payment is onyly possible with bank transfer. Transport costs described above are applicable only within the territory of Hungary. If you would like to request international shipping please contact our customer service. It is important to accept intact packages exclusively, without traces of external injury!

Your order’s delivery time may vary with regards to the availability of products in stock. If the goods you have ordered is not currently available in our inventory, you will be informed within 7 days via e-mail or telephone about the expected delivery time.

The delivered package includes:
– detailed, printed information about your right to cancellation without explanation, within 14 days of delivery
– the bill
– warranty card

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Privacy Registration Number: NAIH-87495/2015.

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