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Customer Service

Information about the service provider

Name: Tündérbox Ltd.
Headquarters: Bem József street 9. , 1027 Budapest

Contact: info@copylighted.com

Phone Number: 06/20-231-2855

Company number: 06-09-020295

Tax ID: 24387846-2-41

Bank Account Number: 11600006-00000000-78477456 (Erste Bank) IBAN HU88

Registering Licensing Authority: Metropolitan Court of Registration

Privacy Registration Number: NAIH-87495/2015.

Language of the contract: Hungarian


Name, address and e-mail address of web hosting provider: TeraHost Kft. // 2220 Vecsés, Kinizsi utca 73. // info@teratarhely.hu

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Privacy Registration Number: NAIH-87495/2015.

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